PANORAMA equipment

The CReA-Patrimoine is affiliated, alongside the LISA (École polytechnique) and the Alice laboratory (Faculté d’Architecture), to the PANORAMA platform (Platform for the Acquisition and Digitisation of Objects and Surveys in Architecture, Monuments and Archaeology), recognised by the University's Platform Coordination Commission and the CoA since October 2017. PANORAMA has a multidisciplinary team in the field of 3D data acquisition and enhancement in the fields of archaeology, heritage, architecture and computer image engineering. It has a technical platform and equipment (laser and photogrammetry) that make it autonomous in its fields of competence.  PANORAMA is an important interface between the world of research and public authorities; as such, it responds to service contracts in its sector of activity, becoming an essential service provider, particularly in the field of 3D imaging of archaeological heritage. 

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