Conservation-restauration du patrimoine

In 2009, heritage studies at the Université libre de Bruxelles joined the Centre de recherche en archéologie as part of the reform of faculty research. The CReA thus became the CReA-Patrimoine. 

Seven essential research orientations are developed within the centre:

- Conservation-restoration of archaeological structures and sites
- Conservation-restoration of archaeological mobilier
- Technology and conservation-restoration of heritage and the fine arts
- The study and conservation of academic and university collections
- The digitization of collections, in partnership with the PANORAMA Platform
- Museology
- Study of the Brussels urban heritage

The CReA-Patrimoine collaborates with the Réseau des Musées de l'ULB, the restoration laboratory of the Fédération des Archéologues de Wallonie et de Bruxelles (FAW) and the conservation-restoration of ENSAV-La Cambre. He is also the referent of the ULB authorities in the field of conservation and restoration of university art collections. 

The centre responds to public procurement and is a privileged interlocutor of public authorities in these areas of competence.