Study of neoclassical urban heritage in the Brussels region (late 18th - early 20th century)

Aware of the richness of the neoclassical heritage (late 18th - early 20th century) in the Brussels Region and the challenges it poses in terms of conservation and enhancement, CReA-Patrimoine is developing the study of this heritage in a historical, archaeological and heritage approach that takes into account all the elements of this urban landscape (buildings and roads).

This research has led to various publications (e. g. synthesis published by CFC-Editions, 2nd edition in 2017) as well as two studies on heritage and neoclassical urban landscapes carried out for the Royal Commission on Monuments and Sites of the Brussels Capital Region (2014 and 2019).

Various projects to raise awareness and promote the heritage of the 19th century are being carried out with the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Brussels region (production of an issue of the "Brussels City of Art and History" collection), with  Explore.Brussels (organisation of the "Neoclassical Brussels Weekend") and with the municipalities of Schaerbeek and Ixelles (plans, visits, publications). 

These research and awareness-raising projects are also promoted pedagogically as part of the HIST-B-5005 course ("The city of the 18th and 19th centuries: urban heritage and current issues"). 

Contact :

Christophe Loir, Thomas Schlesser