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Université Libre de Bruxelles
Département des Géosciences, Environnement et Société ;
Laboratoire G-Time, DGES, CP 160/02, Av. F-D. Roosevelt, 50, 1050 Bruxelles


+32 (0)2 650 47 14

Full Professor at ULB – Department ‘Geosciences, Environment and Society’ -
(Laboratoire G-Time)
Director of the Laboratoire G-Time (Geochemistry: Tracing by Isotopes, Minerals and
Coordinator of the BIGE analytical platform (MC-ICP-MS management committee) ULB – VUB
UNamur visitor Professor.

Awards and Distinctions:
2018: Projet finance par la Fondation Wiener-Anspach
2009: Co-promoter of awards of Inbev-Latour prize
1996: Nominated to the Solvay Awards - Agathon De Potter Awards - Académie Royale de

Professional and academic experience
2016 -Today: Full Professor; Co-director of the Laboratoire G-Time; President of the
Geology program committee; Secretary of the Master jury; UNamur visitor
2010-2011: Vice-Head of the DSTE (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
2008-2009: “Chargée de cours visiteur temps partiel” - Facultés Universitaires Notre
Dame de la Paix (FUNDP), Geology Department
2006-2015: Associate Professor
2007-2010: Head of the DSTE
Head of the research unit: ‘Isotopes: Petrology and Environment’ (IPE)
2002-2005: Researcher/Lecturer and “Chargé de cours temporaire exceptionnel à temps
partiel et à titre intérimaire”
1997-2002: Researcher/Lecturer – DSTE (Prof. J. Scoates, supervisor)
1990-1996: Teaching assistant- DSTE (Prof. J. Michot and Prof. J. Scoates, as supervisors)
1990: “Chargé d'exercice” - DSTE (Prof. J. Michot - supervisor)

Foreign scientific expeditions and lab visits (stays > 1 month) : Kerguelen Islands - Southern
Indian Ocean (Dec 1991- Jan/Feb 1992); Paris - France (Institut de Physique du Globe) (Oct.
1993); St Etienne - France (Université J. Monnet) (3 x 1 month in 1991-1993) and Woods Hole
- USA (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) (Oct. 1995); Lyon – France (ENS) (Jan. 1998 – Jan.
1999); Shorter field works in Portugal (Alentejo in June 2012), South of Africa (Barberton,
February 2013), in Mauritania (Atar desert, November 2013), Marocco (March 2015),
Antarctica (Nov-Dec 2017).

1997 : Post-doctoral fellow at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) (Amsterdam)
1990-1996: Université Libre de Bruxelles PhD dissertation in Geology - Grade: “la plus
grande distinction”
Dissertation: “Magmatism and metasomatism associated with the Kerguelen
Plume: Contribution of geochemical characteristics from basic et ultrabasic
xenoliths” (Dr. D. Weis, “Maître de Recherches au F.N.R.S.” - advisor)
1985-1989: Université Libre de Bruxelles
Undergraduate in Geology - Grade: “grande distinction”
Upper Year Thesis: ‘Interpretation of cristallographic characteristics of the
occidental ice margin from the Greenlandic Inlandsis’

Publications and Abstracts
H index: 26 – 2381 citations on Scopus. 89 (75 in scopus) cited publications in peer-reviewed
journals (3 Nature papers included), 6 submitted papers and in review (2 in Nature
Geosciences, 1 in GGR, 1 in Earth Review, 1 in Gondwana Res.), 2 book chapters, more than
100 published abstracts for international conferences (not entirely reported).

Research Experience
- Geochemical and geodynamic evolution of the Mantle plumes (Kerguelen, Açores, Cape-Verde);
- Isotopic tracers of Trace Metal Element (TME) biogeochemical cycling in Atmosphere and Ocean;
- Isotopic tracers (Cu, Zn, Cd, Fe, Pb) of sources and transport processes for TME in the soil-plantatmosphere
- Paleo-climate and paleo-environment Reconstruction through isotopic and geochemical profiles in
peat cores;
- Evolution of the early terrestrial crust and dynamics of the mantle (komatiites).
Invited seminars/conferences
Invited speaker for seminars at the VU (Amsterdam, 1997), ENS (Lyon, 1999), Univ. J. Monnet - St
Etienne (2000, 2011), Nancy (LMTG) (2008), Toulouse (GET) (2008), Liège (2009), Fribourg (Suisse,
2014), Oxford (2017), UCL (2019).
Invited talks at the Goldschmidt 2010 Conference, and at the SEGH 2013 Conference.
Keynote Conference at the Université de Lille – Côte d’Opale, podcasted from Lille to Dunkerque and
Wimereux, 2011.
Keynote Conference of the Workshop ‘ Environmental Isotope Geochemistry’ at Departamento de
Geologia - Universitade de Lisboa in 2012.
Keynote Conference of the symposium JJC6 - SFIS 2013 (Société Française des Isotopes Stables).
Large public conference (CEPULB – ULB) – April 2016.
PI of the 32nd International Conference on Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) organized
in Brussels – ULB – 2016 July 4-8.

- 5 FNRS Post-doctoral fellows “Chargé de recherche” (Baptiste Debret, Luc Doucet, Julien
Berger, Vinciane Debaille, Virginia Panizzo);
- 1 Post-doctoral fellow (MIS FNRS) (Sophie Verheyden); 1 Post-doctoral fellow (MIS FNRS)
(Stefania Gili);
- 3 Assistant – Doctoral fellows (Jérôme Petit; Claire Duchemin; Aubry Vanderstraeten with
Steeve Bonneville as co-advisor); 5 Doctoral fellows (4 FNRS & FRIA (Beunon Hugues,
Plissart Gaëlle, Pivin Marjorie, Aurélien Taillez), 1 (Marion Carpentier) as co-advisor with C.
Chauvel from the Univ. J. Fourier, Grenoble, and 1 (Eléonore Couder) as co-advisor with B.
Delvaux from UCL);
- 40 Master theses (2 or 3 per year) (DGES), 2 DEA (ULB, ULg), 2 DES, 1 DSR (Université Lille – Côte
d’Opale); 2 ongoing.
- Thesis committees (PhD and HDR): 12 PhD committees at ULB (in Sciences); 2 invited PhD
external at VUB; 14 invited PhD external (Lyon; KUL; Groningen, Toulouse, Lille, Grenoble,
St Etienne, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lisbonne)

Scientific Committees, peer referees…
- Member of FRS-FNRS Committees since 2014 (SEN-4 – President of the FRIA committee
(Earth Sciences)).
- Member of the ANR committee since 2018
- SEGH executive board member since 2013,
- Secretary of the National Committee of Geological Sciences from Belgium;
- Member of national committees: BELQUA, GSA, MSA, Geologica Belgica
- Member of ULB Committees (“conseil d’administration” in 2006-7, commissions, Faculty
bureau member since 2018; Présidente de filière since 2016).

Assessment of proposals for ANR (France) since 2011, for the Alexander von Humboldt
Foundation (2008), and for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research
Main convener of the SEGH Conference organized in Brussels in 2016; Convener of the session
3b of the Goldschmidt 2015 Conference; Convener of the graduate school UNITER day (ULBULg-
UCL 2008); Chairwoman of the workshop « Heavy stable isotopes (Zn, Cu, Cd, Fe, Pb):
tracers of source and biogeochemical processes in the environment » (May 20, 2008 – 30
participants); Chairwoman of the BELQUA annual meeting ; Chairwoman of the FNRS
“geochemistry group” contact days.
Reviewer for the international journals: Environmental Science & Technology, GCA,
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, Chemical Geology, Geoderma, Gondwana

Scientific projects
2 ARC; 6 FRFC (FNRS); 1 MIS (FNRS); 6 FNRS research personal grants; CGRI, BRI travel
grants; 3 International Chairs from the BRIC - ULB; active participation to the calibration
program GEOTRACES and EC2CO CYTRIX 2007; 3 Belspo projects; 1 Inbev-Latour price;
member of 1 PAI grant (Planet-Topers); 1 FNRS “Grand Equipement-Infrastructure”; and two
EOS (co-PI ET-Home and Crumble).

Présentation des enseignements
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GEOL-F211 : Eléments de Pétrologie Magmatique et
21 Th : 12h ; TP : 36h ;
Exc : 12h
GEOL-F305: Pétrologie Générale GEOL3 11 Th : 24h ; TP : 72h
GEOL-F408 : Excursions en terrains volc., magm. et
GEOL4 12 10 jours
GEOL-F411 : Géochimie isotopique : datation et
traçage du système Terre
GEOL4 12 Th : 24+12h ; TP : 12h
GEOL-F412: Géodynamique Chimique Globale GEOL4, 5 7 Th : 12+12h ; TP : 36h
GEOL-F527: Traçage isotopique des cycles
ENVI4E, GEOL5A 12 Th : 24h ; TP : 8+16h
ENVI-F454: Energie : Ressources et Environnement IGEAT3P, 4, 5 52 Th : 24h ; Exc : 8h
Pétrologie Magmatique et Métamorphique FUNDP – GEOL3 10 30h